Séminaire libre - SA 2021

SMA.03803 / SMA.03805 Séminaire libre pour la branche complémentaire en mathématiques

SMA.04803 Séminaire libre pour MSc Mathematics

Département de mathématiques
Université de Fribourg, Suisse

These seminars take place on Friday afternoons in room 2.52 of the physics building (PER08).

SMA.03803 / SMA.03805 will be directed by leonardo.cavenaghi@unifr.ch and is intended for students with a minor (branche complémentaire) in mathematics.

SMA.04803 is intended as the "second" required seminar for advanced students in the mathematics master's program. To get on the list for SMA.04803, contact a department member who you would like to supervise you. If they agree to give you a topic, fix an available date for your talk with them and send it to patrick.ghanaat@unifr.ch, with a copy to your supervisor. You can send the title of the talk later.

Attendance of your colleagues' presentations (either SMA.03803 / SMA.03805 or SMA.04803) is expected.

Other seminars: See the section Seminar guide 2021-2022: Which seminar? on the student advisor's page.

Date 13:15-15:00
SMA.03803 / SMA.03805
Mathematics minor
MSc Mathematics
24.9.2021 Leonardo CAVENAGHI
Introduction to the seminar
Seminar topics
1.10.2021 Leonardo CAVENAGHI
Carmichael Function and Mersenne Primes
15.10.2021 Timo DÄLLENBACH
Sylow theorems and applications
22.10.2021 Nils HURNI
Classification of subgroups of SO(3)
29.10.2021 Sylvain MÜLLER
Borel-Cantelli Lemmas and the Infinity Monkey Theorem
5.11.2021 Clélia LIEBERMANN
Musicology meets mathematics
12.11.2021 Anna CLERICETTI
The Banach Fixed Point Theorem and applications
19.11.2021 Giuseppe TRANE
Buffon's needle and the birthday paradox
26.11.2021 Vincent MASSEREY
Théorie des graphes, arbres et nombres de Catalan
Facteur de dilatation des pseudo-Anosov
avec Liechti
avec Liechti
Second order open mapping theorems and applications in sub-Riemannian geometry
avec Le Donne
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