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Patrick Ghanaat
Département de mathématiques
Université de Fribourg
Chemin du Musée 23
CH-1700 Fribourg, Switzerland
Tel.: +41 26 300 91 87
Email: patrick.ghanaat@unifr.ch
Office: Mathematics Building 1.107
Masterdays 2024 - MSc in Mathematics at Fribourg?
This way, please.
BSc in Mathematics: What are the first year courses in mathematics?
Autumn semester

SMA.01103 Analyse I
SMA.01203 Lineare Algebra I
SMA.01903 Compléments I
SIN.00120 Programmation scientifique
Spring semester

SMA.01104 Analyse II
SMA.01204 Lineare Algebra II
SMA.01904 Compléments II
SIN.00220 Traitement des données
Basic information on the courses can be found in the course catalogue. Examples:
autumn 2023 and spring 2024, code SMA.01 SIN.00

Some course materials (general information, exercise sheets, links, notes etc.) may appear on Moodle.

In addition, there will usually be some courses from the chosen minor field (or fields) - the branche complémentaire. You are completely free in the choice of your minor (or minors): If it is offered by our university, you can choose it for a minor in the BSc of Mathematics. Because of this, some overlap between courses of your major and minor fields may be unavoidable. This problem can usually be solved with some improvisation, e.g. taking turns and sharing notes with colleagues or, if all else fails, adding an extra semester in order to finish the minor. Follow the curriculum of your major field, and distribute the courses for your minor over the three years of your Bachelor studies as they fit.

General info for beginners: Getting started (F) Getting started (D)
References: Reglement and Curricula
https://www.unifr.ch/scimed/fr/rules Reglement

Bachelor et Master en mathématiques
Bachelor und Master in Mathematik
Master of Science in Mathematics

Branches complémentaires en mathématiques
Zusatzfächer Mathematik

Branche complémentaire +30 en mathématiques
Zusatzfach +30 Mathematik

Mathématiques propédeutiques
Propädeutische Mathematik

Modalités d'évaluation en mathématiques
Prüfungsmodalitäten in Mathematik

Informatique propédeutique
Propädeutische Informatik
The reglement describes the general structure of the BSc and MSc programs at our faculty. The curricula (plans d'études, Studienpläne) are the documents that define and describe the various programs offered by the Department of Mathematics.

It is not mandatory but recommended to follow the courses in the prescribed order. In the end each paquet de validation (BSc1 etc.) must be complete. There are time limits as described in the reglement, in particular a time limit of two years on BSc1 (the first year courses listed above). If you are following mathematics as a branche complémentaire, you may prefer to distribute the courses over the three years of your bachelor's studies.

You will manage your course registrations etc. online via your MyUnifr account. Be aware that the electronic system is a partially successful attempt to help you follow the curricula.
Teaching mathematics at Secondaire II (LDM / DEEM): Which program?
For mathematics as the first field, you need a BSc and MSc in Mathematics. For mathematics as the second (or third) field, you need the branche complémentaire MATH 60 followed by MATH+30, which counts as master's level in this context.

General info (F)
General info (D)

Branche complémentaire MATH 60
Zusatzfach MATH 60

Branche complémentaire MATH+30
Zusatzfach MATH+30  
Seminar guide 2024-2025: Which seminar?
Seminars are required in the curricula (study plans) for the bachelor BSc in mathematics, the master MSc in mathematics, and for the branches complémentaires BCo MATH 60 and MATH+30, generally beginning in the third year of studies in order to ensure sufficient background. In most cases, the study plans do not impose restrictions on which exact seminar to take, stating simply SMA.038xx Seminar or SMA.048xx Seminar - so any seminar fitting that description will satisfy the requirements. However, department policy specifies who should be accepted for which seminar, depending on the offerings of any given year and the expected background of the participants. Here is the list for 2024-2025 according to the course catalogue, with indication of the intended audience:
Autumn semester 2024

SMA.03801 Proséminaire (Ghanaat, mainly for BSc Mathematics)
SMA.03803 Séminaire libre (Dessai, for BCo MATH 60 or MATH+30)
SMA.03805 Séminaire libre (Dessai, for BCo MATH 60 or MATH+30)
SMA.03812 Séminaire thématique (Nicolussi Golo, mainly for BSc Mathematics)
SMA.04812 Séminaire thématique (Nicolussi Golo, for MSc Mathematics)
SMA.04803 Séminaire libre (Ghanaat et al., for MSc Mathematics)
Spring semester 2025

SMA.03802 Séminaire thématique (teacher ?, mainly for BSc Mathematics)
SMA.04802 Séminaire thématique (teacher ?, for MSc Mathematics)
SMA.04804 Séminaire libre (Ghanaat et al., for MSc Mathematics)
Students in the BSc Mathematics program take SMA.03801 Proséminaire (Ghanaat) in the autumn semester, and one Séminaire thématique, either SMA.03812 (Nicolussi Golo, in autumn) or SMA.03802 (teacher to be determined, in spring).

Students in the MSc Mathematics program need two seminars SMA.048xx. According to current department policy, at most one of these may be a Séminaire libre, SMA.04803 or SMA.04804. The Séminaire libre MA.480x will often consist of individual studies based on a previous course, with the intent of specializing in a particular area.

For students in the BCo MATH 60 and the MATH+30 programs, there is a special seminar in the autumn semester (this year organized by Anand Dessai). This will take place as SMA.03803 and SMA.03805 (use this code if you already had a seminar SMA.03803). If you are studying a BCo Mathematics, we recommend that you follow that seminar. If you are unable to follow a seminar in autumn, participate in SMA.03802. In general, students in a BCo Mathematics may also be accepted in a (Proséminaire or a) Séminaire thématique if there are places left and they have adequate background.

Notify your seminar supervisor in case you need a written work along with the seminar (SMA.03810, SMA.03811 with 1 ECTS; SMA.04814 with 3 ECTS).
BSc in Mathematics not finished yet. Can I already follow courses for the MSc?
Yes. The only restriction is that you cannot register for exams for the MSc program until you are a master's student. You need to finish your bachelor's degree first. Since most of the more specialized courses are not offered every year, it is in fact recommended that you follow some courses of interest that may or will be part of your master's already in your third year of the bachelor's program, if time permits.

Here is an example for how this works: SMA.04587 Metric Geometry is a master's level course that also carries a bachelor's level code SMA.03587. If you are a third year BSc student, you can register for the course SMA.03587 Metric Geometry. If you decide not to take the exam: you don't have to, no credits will be given. If you decide that this course should be part of your BSc, you register for the exam for SMA.03587 Metric Geometry. If you decide that his course should become part of your MSc, you wait until you are in the MSc program and then register for the exam on SMA.04587 Metric Geometry. This works, even though you were not registered for the course with code SMA.04587. In fact, quite generally, you can register for exams even if you were not registered for the course at all. This is useful for example if you are absent for a semester, or if you discover too late that you missed a good course and can study from a script.
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