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Oberseminar Geometrie
The seminar normally meets on Wednesdays at 10:20 in the lecture room 2.52 in the Physics building (PER 8 on this map), with a short break around 11:00. Contact:
Ruth Kellerhals
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Swiss Doctoral Program

Fall term 2020
Wednesday 16.12.2020 10:20-12:00 Gabriel Pallier (UniFR): Coarse geometries of right-angled Fuchsian buildings gp
Wednesday 09.12.2020 10:20-12:00 Naomi Bredon (UniFR): Hyperbolic Coxeter groups and minimal growth rates in dimensions four and five - a follow-up nb
Wednesday 02.12.2020 10:20-12:00 * Mickaël Gentizon (UniFR): Sur des groupes de refléxion de groupes de Coxeter rk
Wednesday 25.11.2020 10:20-12:00 Edoardo Dotti (UniFR): On the field of definition of a hyperbolic Coxeter group ed
Wednesday 18.11.2020 10:20-12:00 Patrick Ghanaat (UniFR): Margulis' Lemma pg
Wednesday 11.11.2020 10:20-12:00 Naomi Bredon (UniFR): On the minimal growth rate of cocompact Coxeter groups in IsomH4 nb
Wednesday 28.10.2020 10:20-12:00 Livio Liechti (UniFR): Bi-Perron numbers and the Coxeter transformation ll
Wednesday 21.10.2020 10:20-12:00 Ruth Kellerhals (UniFR): Cusp density and (in-)commensurability of hyperbolic 3-orbifolds rk
Wednesday 14.10.2020 10:20-12:00 Alexander Kolpakov (UniNE): Growth of Coxeter groups and Perron numbers rk
Wednesday 07.10.2020 10:20-12:00 Giuliano Basso (UniFR): Spaces with convex bicombings gb
Friday 02.10.2020 16:00- Edoardo Dotti (UniFR): Public PhD thesis presentation
Lecture hall E120 Pérolles II
Wednesday 23.09.2020 10:20-12:00 Paul Melotti (UniFR): Cube flips from statistical mechanics to discrete geometry rk
Wednesday 16.09.2020 10:20-12:00 Ruth Kellerhals et al (UniFR): Preliminary discussion rk
Spring term 2020
All subsequent wednesdays CANCELLED All planned talks during the spring term 2020 have been cancelled due to the LOCKDOWN and the covid-19 pandemic CANCELLED
Wednesday 04.03.2020 10:20-12:00 * Patrick Ghanaat (UniFR): A proof of Morrey's inequality pg
Wednesday 26.02.2020 10:20-12:00 Jan-Bernhard Kordass (UniFR): Curvature bounds for regularized Riemannian metrics rk
Wednesday 19.04.2020 10:20-12:00 Ruth Kellerhals et al (UniFR): Preliminary discussion rk
Previous talks in this Oberseminar
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