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Oberseminar Geometrie
The seminar normally meets on Wednesdays at 10:20 in the lecture room 2.52 in the Physics building (PER 8 on this map), with a short break around 11:00. Contact:
Ruth Kellerhals
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Swiss Doctoral Program

Fall term 2022
Wednesday 21.09.2022 10:20-12:00 Preliminary discussion rk
Spring term 2022
Wednesday 01.06.2022 10:20-12:00 Mathias Blaise (UniFR): A lower volume bound for cusped hyperbolic manifolds rk
Wednesday 25.05.2022 10:20-12:00 Naomi Bredon (UniFR): Hyperbolic manifolds and Coxeter groups nb
Wednesday 18.05.2022 10:20-12:00 Paula Truöl (ETH Zürich): Concordance of positive 3-braid knots and a knot homology invariant ll
Wednesday 11.05.2022 10:20-12:00 Francesca Tripaldi (UniBE): Studying sequences of properly embedded minimal discs ll
Wednesday 04.05.2022 no talk
Wednesday 27.04.2022 10:20-12:00 Damaris Meier (UniFR): Quasisymmetric gluing and uniformization dm
Wednesday 13.04.2022 10:20-12:00 Christian Lange (LMU München): Recognizing manifolds among orbifolds rk
Wednesday 06.04.2022 10:20-12:00 Livio Ferretti (UniBE): On a conjecture for the knot signature dm
Wednesday 30.03.2022 10:20-12:00 Leonardo Ferrari (UniNE): Manifold covers of right-angled polytopes: an introduction and developments rk
Wednesday 23.03.2022 10:20-12:00 Ulrik Hansen (UniFR): Conformal geometry & 2D statistical mechanics uh
Wednesday 09.03.2022 10:20-12:00 Sebastian Baader (UniBE): Groups generated by Dehn twists rk
Wednesday 02.03.2022 10:20-12:00 Livio Liechti (UniFR): Multicurve intersection degrees ll
Wednesday 23.02.2022 10:20-12:00 Preliminary discussion rk
Previous talks in this Oberseminar
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