Séminaire Libre - SP 2019
Freies Seminar  - FS 2019
Département de mathématiques
Université de Fribourg, Suisse
The seminar takes place on Friday afternoons in room 2.52 of the physics building (PER08). — This seminar is mainly intended for students with a minor (branche complémentaire) in mathematics. Students majoring in mathematics are asked to participate in one of the thematic seminars for their required bachelor seminar and for the first of their two seminars required in the master program. Their second master seminar can be thematic or "libre". Justified exceptions to these rules are allowed. — To get on this list, contact a faculty member who you want to supervise you. If they agree to give you a topic, fix a date for your talk and send it to patrick.ghanaat@unifr.ch, with a copy to your supervisor. You can send the title of the talk later. — Attendance is required for 8 or T-1 talks, whichever number is smaller. Here T is the number of talks talking place.
Date 13:15-15:00 15:15-17:00 (reserve)
(No talk - no meeting)
29.3.2019 Roberto CANONICA
Die Gammafunktion
MA.3804, with Ghanaat
5.4.2019 Marina SCHIROLI
Der Existenzsatz von Nash
MA.3804, with Leuenberger
12.4.2019 Jana KOLLY
Digraphen und Atom-Swaps
MA.3804, with Leuenberger
3.5.2019 Thibault WICHT
MA.3805, with Mazza
10.5.2019 Alizée LOMBARD
MA.3804, with Mazza
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