Département de mathématiques
Université de Fribourg, Suisse

Oberseminar Geometrie
The seminar normally meets on Wednesdays at 10:20 in the lecture room of the Mathematics II building (Lonza building, number 12 on this map), with a short break around 11:00. The access to Perolles is marked on this map. Contact:
Ivan Izmestiev
Ruth Kellerhals
Participants: Please refer to our Doodle page for current state of reservations. Previous talks in this Oberseminar
Swiss Doctoral Program

Wednesday 17.05.2017 10:20-12:00 Ivan Izmestiev (Fribourg): Spherical and hyperbolic conics ii
Wednesday 10.05.2017 10:20-12:00 Ruth Kellerhals (Fribourg): Hyperbolic volume in 5 dimensions rk
Wednesday 03.05.2017 10:20-12:00 Matthew Tointon (Neuchâtel): Approximate groups and applications to the growth of groups cc
Wednesday 26.04.2017 10:20-12:00 Anders Karlsson (Genève): New general ergodic theorems, invariant metrics and their functionals cc
Wednesday 19.04.2017 10:20-12:00 Easter holidays
Wednesday 12.04.2017 10:20-12:00 Corina Ciobotaru (Fribourg): What is... an affine building? cc
Wednesday 05.04.2017 10:20-12:00 No seminar
Wednesday 29.03.2017 10:20-12:00 Felix Günther (TU Berlin & Genève): Smooth polyhedral surfaces ii
Wednesday 22.03.2017 No seminar 23-24.03.2017: Journées de Géométrie Hyperbolique 2017
Wednesday 15.03.2017 10:20-12:00 Pierre-Marie Poloni (Bern): Around the cancellation problem rk
Wednesday 08.03.2017 10:20-12:00
Arseniy Akopyan (IST Austria): Waists of balls in different spaces
Journées de Rham 2017 at EPFL
Wednesday 01.03.2017 10:20-12:00 Mickaël Kourganoff (Grenoble): Anosov geodesic flows, billiards and embedded surfaces ii
Wednesday 22.02.2017 10:20-12:00 Rinat Kashaev (Genève): Ideal triangulations, mapping class group representations and quantum invariants ii
Previous talks in this Oberseminar
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