Workshop on Geometry and Topology: Program

University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Department of Mathematics
Lecture Room 0.110, Biology Building

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Thursday May 17
14:00Opening of workshop
14:00-15:00Michael Struwe (ETH Zürich): Scalar curvature flows
15:30-16:30Joachim Lohkamp (Münster): Coarse regularisation theory in scalar curvature geometry
17:00-18:00Daniel Maerten (Neuchâtel): Penrose-like inequality for maximal asymptotically flat spin initial data sets
Friday May 18
9:30-10:30Ernst Heintze (Augsburg): Kac-Moody algebras and symmetric spaces
11:00-12:00Bernd Siebert (Freiburg): Affine manifolds and string geometry
14:00-15:00Janko Latschev (LMU München): Symplectic field theory and string topology
15:15-16:15Michelle Bucher-Karlsson (KTH Stockholm): Simplicial volume of products of surfaces
16:45-17:45Matthias Franz (München): Cohomology of toric varieties and their real parts
18:00-18:40François Guéritaud (ENS Paris): Convex cores of quasifuchsian groups
19:30 Conference Dinner
Saturday May 19
9:00-10:00Jean-Claude Hausmann (Genève): The topology and geometry of polygon spaces
10:30-11:30Kathryn Hess (EPF Lausanne): Free loop spaces and closed geodesics
11:45-12:45Matthias Kreck (Bonn/Heidelberg): Which manifolds can be distinguished by unitary topological field theories?
afternoon: Excursion