Hyperbolic Volume 2007

July 2-4, 2007

Department of Mathematics

University of Fribourg, Switzerland


Ruth Kellerhals (Fribourg) and Robert Meyerhoff (Boston)


Invited Speakers

Ilesanmi ADEBOYE (USC Los Angeles)Brent EVERITT (York)
Thierry HILD (Fribourg)Rinat KASHAEV (Genève)
Yohei KOMORI (Osaka)Matilde LALÍN (Vancouver/MPI Mathematik Bonn)
Alexander MEDNYKH (Novosibirsk)Robert MEYERHOFF (Boston)
Carlo PETRONIO (Pisa)Andrew PRZEWORSKI (Marshall)


"Hyberbolic Crochet Coral and Anemone Garden" by the Institute For Figuring IFF

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Photo by Alyssa Gorelick/IFF Archive