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Plenary lectures
Plenary lecturesPlenary lecturesPlenary lecturesPlenary lectures
AfternoonPlenary lectures
Mini Course I
Plenary lectures
Mini Course II
Discussion time/ExcursionPlenary lectures
Mini Course III
Evening  Conference Dinner  

The mini courses will be introductory courses designed for PhD students.

The detailed program below is still subject to minor changes.

Detailed Program Monday
09:00Coffee and Registration 
10:15Plenary lecture Joseph J. KohnComplex analytic varieties in pseudoconvex hypersurfaces
11:30Plenary lecture Christine LaurentStability of vanishing theorems by small perturbation of the CR structure in compact q-concave CR manifolds
12:30LunchStudent cafeteria
14:30Plenary lectureEmil StraubeCompactness for b
15:30Mini Course Pengfei GuanTopics of nonlinear partial differential equations in complex geoemtry

Detailed Program Tuesday
09:00Plenary lectureHenri-Michel MaireFibre integrals for isolated complete intersection singularity
10:30Plenary lectureDmitri ZaitsevBoundary jets of holomorphic maps between strongly pseudoconvex domains
11:30Plenary lectureJorge HounieBoundary values of vector fields and Hardy Spaces
12:30LunchStudent cafeteria
14:30Plenary lectureBurglind JörickeEnvelopes of holomorphy and holomorphic discs
15:30Mini CourseMei-Chi ShawMethods of partial differential equations in several complex variables

Detailed Program Wednesday
09:00Plenary lectureFranc ForstneričHolomorphic flexibility and the Oka principle
10:30Plenary lectureFriedrich HaslingerAspects of compactness for the -Neumann problem
11:30Plenary lectureDavid TartakoffGevrey and analytic hypoellipticity
12:30LunchStudent cafeteria
EveningConference Dinner 

Detailed Program Thursday
09:00Plenary lectureNicolas LernerInstability of the Cauchy-Kovalevskaya solution for a class of non-linear systems
10:30Plenary lectureShif BerhanuOn involutive systems of first-order nonlinear pdes
11:30Plenary lectureMei-Chi ShawThe Cauchy-Riemann equations in complex projective spaces
12:30LunchStudent cafeteria
14:30Plenary lectureLaurent StolovitchRigidity problem for holomorphic perturbations of quasihomogeneous vector fields
15:30Mini CourseNgaiming MokHolomorphic maps on bounded symmetric domains of rank ≥ 2: Ergodic Theory, bounded holomorphic functions and geometric structures

Detailed Program Friday
09:00Plenary lectureNgaiming MokAnalytic continuation of holomorphic isometries with respect to the Bergman metric
10:30Plenary lectureXiaojun HuangA gap phenomenon for holomorphic maps between hyperquadrics
11:30Plenary lecturePeter EbenfeltReal hypersurfaces with maximal Levi number
12:30LunchStudent cafeteria
 The End